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3-in-1 Magnetic Drawing Board (with 100Pcs Toy Magnets)

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Help your kids become the artists they truly are! With this educational wooden board learning and fun come hand in hand!

Learning, magnets and fun all tucked into a neat box.  Let your little ones use their imagination to   problem solve, identify shapes and form and create pictures and images.

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Why children love this toy:

  • Visual: Friendly colors and faces mean that children will instantly be interested.
  • Freedom: The canvas design with pens and magnetic pieces creates endless opportunity. An imaginative young mind will be captivated for hours.

Educational Features:

  • Touch: By interacting with the toy, a child is able to develop motor skills for hand-eye coordination.
  • Creativity: This toy is an accessible way for children to express themselves. Exercising creativity from a young age has been proven to develop intellect.
  • Parent-child play is encouraged by discovering the toy’s functions together.

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