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Baby Nasal Mucus Cleaner

    A smart, safe and effective solution for helping your congested baby sleep through the night.

    • Pediatrician Endorsed. Doctor approved and recommended nasal aspirator that safely clears stuffy noses
    • Hygienic. Simply open the detachable tips and collection cup with hot soapy water. You'll never worry again about exposing your baby to bacteria or mold. The perfect gift for any new parent
    • Safe and reliable. 5 levels of suction power and 2 sizes of soft and reusable silicon tips provide perfect suction for every size of nose without harming your baby's delicate sinuses
    • Will remove your baby's mucus without making much noise so your baby can breathe easier and sleep more soundly
    • Ergonomic design, zero screw exposure, controlled by the simple push of a button allowing for one-handed use
    The Quest for Clear Breathing Shouldn't Be a Constant Battle

    When your child isn’t feeling their best, you as a parent, would do anything you can to make them feel better. A smart, safe and effective solution for helping your congested baby sleep through the night. The Baby Nasal Aspirator Electric Nose Cleaner helps safely remove and clear your baby's stuffy nose, putting them on a path to easier breathing. Because when your baby feels better, you'll rest easier too!

    Convenient and Ergonomic

    The snot can easily be sucked out from their little noses in no time. The Nasal Aspirator has a streamlined design, which lets you use it more comfortably with one hand. What's more, there's no need for a battery switch, as it can be recharged by USB when the power is low. The portable size is also easy for parents to carry and use, allowing you to take care of your baby anytime and anywhere. 


    How Does It Work?

    1. Choose an appropriate nose tip. After assembly, turn on the power button and choose a comfortable strength.
    2. Before using in baby’s nose, it’s better to use it on your arm to get familiar with the mode and music settings, and feel the strength of suction, so as not to scare your baby or hurt your baby.
    3. Keep the main body away from water.
    4. For the safety of your baby’s nose and health, please clean and disinfect it promptly after use .

    Easy Maintenance:

    1. Please clean the device with proper detergent.
    2. Tear down the removable compartment and sterilize with boiled water or steam, but not in the microwave. 
    3. Please clean the device with dry and soft clothes after sterilization.
    4. Do not expose to direct sunshine and damp areas.
    5. Do not use erosive chemicals to clean the device.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    • Q: Is the unit waterproof?
    • A: Everything is waterproof   EXCEPT the main unit. Anything detachable from the main unit can be fully submerged in water to wash!
    • Q: Is this suitable for infants and toddlers?
    • A: Yes! This device is suitable for children of any age.
    • Q: Will this device be too loud that it scares my baby?
    • A: We have designed this product with your children's feelings at heart. Through our innovative design, we have ensured that the device has a whisper quiet motor to minimize any fears your baby may have.