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Baby Fun Safety Float

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Baby Fun Safety Float is made from high quality materials and designed to make a child at ease on water. You, too, can enjoy a much easier swimming experience as you can see your child is having a good time without any worries of their safety.

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  • The Inflatable Swimming Ring is equipped with a comfortable backrest, inflatable chest & buckles for extra safety for your child. It uses harness and belt, so rest assure your child will be tightly secured always.
  • Made to last, this inflatable swimming ring should make it easy for your little one to have a fantastic time floating on the water, taking in the sun and enjoying the water.
  • A top-quality design that looks excellent and should give your child more comfort when swimming. 
  • An innovative, high-quality backrest is provided, giving your child a much more harmonious and comfortable swimming experience that you can easily enjoy watching from afar.
  • Simplistic design makes it very quick and easy to fill up, giving you an easy way to get them on the water without any fears about their safety. A must-have for those who want an easy swimming companion for their child.
  • PVC material is designed to help make sure that it can easily last for years to come. Fully waterproofed and comes with a rich sense of durability alongside ensuring all materials used are 100% non-toxic.

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